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  1. Can I change my PayPal email?

  2. Can I Promote My Book?

  3. Does store my credit card information?

  4. FAQ: In-Stream Ads for Publishers

  5. FAQ: In-Stream Ads for Twitter

  6. How can I post to a blog that is not Tumblr?

  7. How can I withdraw my cash?

  8. How do I cancel an ad?

  9. How do I change the credit card I use on

  10. How do I create an "Automated" or "RSS" ad campaign?

  11. How do I create an ad with a Daily Budget?

  12. How do I create an ad?

  13. How do I deposit money?

  14. How do I earn money on

  15. How do I Edit an ad?

  16. How do I embed a share button on my webpage?

  17. How do I find my Tumblr post-by-email address?

  18. How do I find my TypePad post-by-email address?

  19. How do I find my Wordpress post-by-email address?

  20. How do I improve my "click quality"?

  21. How do I improve the effectiveness of my ads?

  22. How do I know if my ad has been approved?

  23. How do I know which countries are accepted as paid click sources?

  24. How do I reactivate an Ad Campaign or Automated Campaign?

  25. How do I share links on

  26. How do I track my sharing performance?

  27. How do I track the performance of my ad(s)?

  28. How long will it take for my ad to be reviewed?

  29. How much cash can I earn sharing a link?

  30. I deposited money to create an ad, but my 'Balance' says $0.00. Why?

  31. I forgot my password!

  32. I've created a 'Per Day' or 'Daily Budget' ad on accident!

  33. Tips for creating a 'clickable' ad

  34. Tumblr Redirect

  35. What are the "Click Quality" requirements?

  36. What are the minimum requirements for advertising?

  37. What does the "Select Category & Coverage" option do for me?

  38. What happens when my ad expires?

  39. What is a 'Per Day' budget or 'Daily Budget' ad?

  40. What is an acceptable/unacceptable ad?

  41. What is an “Automated Ad Campaign”?

  42. What is the difference between "Paid Clicks" and "Total Clicks"?

  43. When do I get paid?

  44. Which domains are approved for sharing?

  45. Why am I not being paid for some clicks?

  46. Why isn't my ad live?

  47. Will I be refunded if my ad is rejected?

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