What is an acceptable/unacceptable ad?

We review every ad to ensure that the quality of our content always stays at a very high standard. We want all of our influencers to be excited to share our links and their followers to enjoy watching/reading them. Content must be entertaining, informative, and/or educational, but most importantly, it must be shareable!

An acceptable ad is:

  • A specific blog post
  • An interesting article
  • An entertaining/informative video
  • In general, the content we accept must be intrinsically valuable, informative, or entertaining to the reader/viewer, independent of any product, service, or company mentioned.  

An unacceptable ad is:

  • A product page (A link that directs to a product for sale)
  • A landing page (A link that directs to a landing page with no consumable content)
  • A commercial (An article or video clearly promoting a product or service with little to no entertainment or educational value)
  • An ebook or application (Or anything that requires users and viewers to enter personal information and/or download something to their computer)
  • A page that requires the viewer/reader to enter personal information (including email addresses)
  • A page that does not present the content in a user-friendly, seamless way
  • 'Get rich quick' sites
  • 'Get thin quick' sites
  • A gambling site
  • Pornography
  • Illegal substances
We reserve the right to reject any ad that we believe, for whatever reason, is not right for the Revenue.com platform. 

Please see the Terms of Service for greater detail.

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