Why isn't my ad live?

There are a few reasons your ad may not be live on the site. 

  • Your ad may still be 'Pending'. After an ad is created, it does not immediately go live on the site. It is first submitted for review to make sure it is appropriate for the Revenue.com platform. (What's appropriate?) You will receive an email within 24 hours letting you know if your ad has been approved or not. 
  • Your ad may be out of funds. If your ad's budget has run out before the duration, it will be removed from the site. (Though all links shared previously will still be honored and you will not be charged for them)
You can always see the status of your ad by going to your Advertising Dashboard. All of your ads will be listed here. You can see if your ad is "Active", "Pending", "Out of Funds", "Cancelled", or "Ended" in the Status Column. 

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